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Back up your business data and securely synchronise it to your home using ADSL


Remote backup



How do I host my own off-site backup?


There is a solution! This involves having a “master” backup device installed on your network that would create a complete image of your server/s in the first instance, then carry out an incremental backup each night keeping the previous versions of the backups in place giving you the ability to roll back to an earlier version of any file giving you a good on site backup.


A second “slave” box would be paired to the master with the data initially being synchronised whilst both devices are on the local network. Once this is done take the slave box to your home and plug it into your broadband router and it will call home to the master box, from this point forward any changes will synchronise automatically, this can be updated several times a day or once a day depending on your requirements.


All data sent between the boxes is fully encrypted so you are not in danger of someone sniffing out and stealing your data as it moved over the internet, and of course you are only sending the changes in any case.


At this point it would be worth mentioning that as well as encrypting and compressing data the backup software uses a de-duplication feature that minimises the size of the backups and as we are only talking about transferring changes made at block level this means that the amount of data transferred is minimal.


Below is a table that gives an idea on the time needed to transfer data.


Data transfer speeds for remote backup


You now have a backup solution in place that provides both an on and off site backup. In the event that you need to restore a file or database you will be able to do so from the master box in the office quickly and easlily. And should disaster strike your whole site you will have an off-site backup that you can use to carry out a bare metal restore to dissimilar hardware to get you up and running quickly. The software even allows you to mount a backup image as a virtual machine to expedite the recovery time. Have a look at CSE-Protect for more information.


This works really well and is worth looking in to if you need an off-site backup but don’t want to have your off-site backup hosted at someone else's data centre and pay the costs associated with that service.

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