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Server monitoring
Remote server monitoring

CSE Beagle is the ultimate in pro-active server monitoring, this loyal guard dog monitors your file-servers, informing us about any problems immediately, allowing us to find and take care of the problem quickly and easily, and all without you lifting a finger. Ensuring that your business keeps on going.

We will install a discreet software application on your servers which will be able to monitor the health of your server. This software is set to carry out a series of tests on a regular basis that can be as often as every 5 minutes and will report any errors to us right away. Because the system is also set to warn us of any servers that do not send a report we will know that you have a problem even if your server is off altogether.


CSE Beagle can also check to see if your backups have worked, that your anti-virus is up to date, if your hard drives are healthy and have sufficient space free and many other checks.

CSE Beagle’s aim is to make monitoring your servers easy and affordable.

Here’s how CSE Beagle pricing works:

  • 1. There’s no up-front commitment or minimum levels.
  • 2. You pay just for only the checks you choose for each server.
  • 3. We keep track of the services you use each month and bill you in arrears.
  • 4. If you ever change your mind and want us to re-configure the checks on any server, our fees will be adjusted to reflect only those checks that you use.
  • 5. You don’t need to buy dog food or take him for a walk.

At this point you may be thinking this sounds expensive, however the costs work out as little as 20~30p per server each day. A tiny price for such peace of mind.

Call us on 0844 800 1286 for more information on how you can benefit from this service.

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