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With prices starting from 10 a month protecting your critical data has never been so affordable. So why not supplement your existing backup regime with a secure online backup to ensure business continuity in the event of a critical failure.

Our online backup solution encrypts the data on your systems before sending it to the remote backup server using 256-bit encryption so there's no risk that the data can be accessed by anyone without your permission.


The online backup is easy to use, and you will get email reports each day on the backup status so you can set it and forget it.

Storage capacities start from 5GB to 10TB and with affordable prices starting from just 10 per month online backup has never been better value.


Once configured, automatic data transfer overnight means that your bandwidth is not affected during the day and with multiple versions of your critical data being retained you can roll back your data to a point in history.


To speed up the restoration of data you can also opt for an additional local version of the backup to be carried out on to a network attached storage device.


Should the worst happen and your server be out of order you can keep on working on your Microsoft Office files directly over the internet via Terminal Services, and there are options to have your email system hosted whilst your server is repaired so that you have email continuity too.


And why not protect those remote workers too, back up company laptops and home based PC's overnight from as little as 6 per month.


Because the data is compressed before being submitted to the online backup servers the amount of space that you need to purchase will be less than its size on your discs.


If you would prefer to host your own off-site backup then go here otherwise:



Please see the tables below for prices.


Server backup prices

Data 5GB 10GB 20GB 50GB 80GB 150GB 200GB 250GB
Monthly cost 10 20 30 60 90 147 169 188

Remote Worker and laptop backups
Data 10GB 20GB 30GB
Monthly cost 6 12 18

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